Remember the first day of Senior year? AnneAnneModel: Anne Chaika @chaika161
Flowers: Krista Renee @kristaflorista
Bride’s Dress: Perfect Dress @theperfectdressbridal
Blue dress: Piper and Scoot @piperandscoot
Black Hat: Hope Ave @hope.ave

I remember walking into school feeling like an adult already. It felt as though I was prepared enough for the real world and that this year would be one for making memories, acing tests, and getting things in order for my next move. For me, it was college. Many of my friends were working toward beginning their new careers already, some were preparing for trade school, and a few more were getting ready for travels (no, totally not jealous...).


Feels like yesterday, doesn't it?


Well, time is passing faster than you think! It's a cold March day as I write this meaning that August was just over six months ago. Even crazier than that... May is only TWO MONTHS AWAY!!


PaigePaige Thought you had more time, huh? Yeah, same.

Fun Fact: I didn't want to do my own senior portraits. I just didn't really want to participate. My grandma, however, insisted. So off to the portrait studio we went, two weeks before graduation, to have my portraits done.

I get it. I've been there. It feels like you're never going to graduate so all of those low-priority items fall off into the abyss because you still have all the time in the world... but you don't!


If you're like me and waited until last minute to have your portraits done, I'm here for you!


Your mom, your grandma, and your friends & teachers will appreciate these most so while you still at least have some time left before you're off into the "real world", let's get together and have some fun!