Editing vs. Retouching


When it comes to photography, the two words "editing" and "retouching" seem to be interchangeable but in reality, they are two different actions! For the sake of keeping expectations realistic and to help clients understand what these two terms mean, I thought I would quickly dive into my approach to editing as well as my approach to retouching.



Editing is when your photographer corrects color/exposure in your images, crops and straightens horizons, and adds their stylistic touches. Usually, when you think of a photographer's "style", you are thinking of the way they edit their images. For example, some photographers refer to their style as "light and airy" while others refer to their style as "dark and moody" - these are both examples of editing styles!

If you are a current Brittany Lynn Imagery client, you will notice that the images in your proofing gallery have already been edited. All that you have to do from here is select your favorites and once you submit your list, I will go in and perform any retouching that is needed for those specific images!



So what is retouching?



Retouching, on the other hand, is when your photographer removes any blemishes (acne, scrapes/scratches, bruises, etc.), brightens teeth, or smooths skin. From time to time, it may also include the removal of distracting objects within the image but this is typically the artists' decision and should only be performed if it is well within the capabilities of the photographer. Retouching traditionally does not include permanent blemish removal (wrinkles, scars, etc.), spot removal of wardrobe items such as ponytails on wrists, exposed undergarments, etc., extensive color changes, or head swaps/composites. Additional edits may be requested for a nominal fee, assuming they are within the capabilities of the artist.

If you are a current Brittany Lynn Imagery LLC client in need of extensive retouching or composite work, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss your needs further to offer a custom quote!