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don't book until you do thisdon't book until you do this


I know – you saw the title and you’re here for the big revelation. The ONE THING you have to do before booking your photographer and it’s going to be BIG.


Well I hate to disappoint…

But my advice isn’t really anything that is too terribly impressive and I honestly hope that you already know what I am about to say but for those of you who maybe never thought of this or downright HATE the thought… it’s an important one.


Okay, want to know what it is!?


don't book until you do this(1)don't book until you do this(1)







That’s right – you need to pick up the phone for this one! Extra points if you go so far as scheduling a video chat or even if you meet them in person!


I have said it before and I will say it again because I think it’s something you don’t really realize until the day of the wedding but your photographer is one of the only vendors that will be with you the ENTIRE day. No joke – the whole time.


And as you already know, it’s a HUGE day. This is one of the biggest days of your life and let me tell you – spending it with the wrong person can make or break it!


Imagine for a moment that you hire a photographer that just sits on your last nerve all day (eek!). How easy is it going to be for you to enjoy yourself and fully feel free and happy if you’re constantly in a vague state of irritation? It is going to be something that impacts your entire experience of your wedding day and that is such a sad thing for me to imagine!


Now, on the other hand, imagine that you hire a photographer on your wave length – they can sense that you’re thirsty or that you’re having a moment of grief and instead of making it worse, they are able to anticipate your needs and provide relief where you don’t even realize you need it… that is a huge and underrated part of the job on a wedding day.


I promise you, the difference is finding someone that you get along with. Someone that you can see yourself spending an entire day with and having fun – because that’s what you’ll be doing!


I know that planning a wedding is stressful and there’s so much work that goes into it but trust me, this is the work that pays off and helps you curate your perfect team of vendors that will make sure your day is perfect (or, at the very least, as close as it can possibly get!).


One thing you have going for you now that wasn’t the case twenty years ago is that this market is completely saturated. That means that there is no shortage of professionals ready and willing to serve all couples at all levels! This is AMAZING and you should take full advantage of the fact and make sure that you don’t settle for quality or personality! You deserve a lovely day with exceptional images to look back on that capture the moments most important to you and the right photographer will do that for you!


A great example of this is me! If you know me professionally, you know that I am bubbly, cheerful, and I will be that way for your ENTIRE day! I’m there to gas you up, get you feeling like the amazing model you know you are, and keep you smiling (and hydrated!) throughout the entirety of your wedding day! I’m also very likely to happy cry during your first look and at least once during your ceremony. For some couples, I am too much – too cheerful, too bubbly – and those couples would likely be annoyed if they hired me without even talking to me first. One phone conversation and they would know I’m not the photographer for them… and that is okay! Great, even! There’s no way I could do my best work in those circumstances because even if I complete the job and provide beautiful imagery of the entire day, most of how you perceive your wedding photos is based off of how you felt while they were being taken. See, to everyone else that sees them, they’re just pretty pictures, but to you, they were taken at key moments during the day and you remember those moments and how you felt.


So that is all – just talk to your photographer! And talk to a few, don’t just hire the first one you talk to if it doesn’t feel like a 100% match! There are so many of us out there waiting to serve you well and there’s someone for everyone!


Nestle in with your fiancé, grab your favorite drink, a pen & some paper, and get to calling!


Happy Wedding Planning!




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