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covid 19 restrictionscovid 19 restrictions





No matter you are in the world, you are likely being affected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the U.S., we are hearing recommendations of smaller groups by the day and the numbers have gone quickly from 250 to 50 to 10.


This is a truly scary time for all of us but if we do some stretching, we can find some positives.


I just want to note that I am in no way downplaying the seriousness of this illness and the catastrophic effects that it is having on our elderly and immunocompromised population. I recognize there are much bigger issues going on than having to reschedule or plan weddings but it’s my industry and I want to help provide light where I can.


Click here to visit the CDC's Coronavirus Site

Click here to visit the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Coronavirus Site


So you’re limited on activities and things to do? Well why don’t we take advantage of the extra down time and get some stuff done!?


1. Research Vendors

There’s a lot of researching you need to do anyway and honestly, planning a wedding can sometimes feel like a part time job in and of itself so now is a time you can take advantage of being able to dedicate extra hours to researching your vendors! You can research vendors by sifting through their websites and reading reviews and even going through their social media!


2. Get Inspired

There are tons of blogs dedicated to wedding planning such as The Knot, Offbeat Bride, Wedding Wire and seriously so many more… check them out! You can also get some magazines to sift through locally that are filled with relevant venues and vendors so that you can see what is available to you in your area. If you’re just looking for general inspiration, though, any wedding planning magazines will do!


3. Pinterest

I’m sure you’re already there but just in case you aren’t… head on over! There’s SO MUCH wedding planning information and it can be so much fun going through all of it and imagining your wedding day coming together! I have tons of boards dedicated to weddings specifically so if you’re unsure where to start, start here!


4. Check Out Hashtags

Take the time to explore some of your local wedding hashtags to see what’s going on locally. Many vendors use these to show off recent work and it put them all in one place for you to leisurely scroll through which is super convenient! The typing in #[your city]wedding or #[your city]photographer (for example #stlwedding or #stlphotographer) to see what comes up!


5. Schedule Some Consultations

Now is the time to get on the phone with vendors! Many of us are limited on work right now so planning some consultations makes the most out of everyone’s time! Just be prepared – you may not be meeting in person like you usually would and you’ll probably end up downloading Zoom (if you haven’t already!) or another conferencing app to hold your consultations but this is a great time to hold those!




As we all navigate this season of uncertainty, we can at least try to find things that will keep our minds busy so I hope that if you are in the midst of planning your wedding during these times that you don’t panic and fear for your day and you are able to instead turn it into an opportunity for some mindful planning!


I’d love to know: what are some other tips you have for anyone planning a wedding right now?



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