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I've said it before but I'll say it again: when you're planning a session outdoors, you just gotta be ready for anything! This weekend I got to work with Ericka and Bruce in the beautiful Indian Camp Creek Park just as a huge storm was rolling in and it was pure, blissful craziness!

Double ExposureDouble Exposure And you know, the weather itself wasn't crazy, it was everything that came right after the session that really made it nuts. I mean, of course, we got to shoot in darn near all types of summer weather but the chaos that the sky was planning to unleash was something I didn't see coming and I totally wasn't ready for it!

Sneak Peek Social-9554Sneak Peek Social-9554

To start things off, we met in this gorgeous field of white smooth beardtongues as far as the eye could see and the sun was setting beautifully. I arrived early to get an idea of how to utilize the field and I was really looking forward to the silhouettes and sun flares that we were going to be able to work with! Not even ten minutes later, the western skies started to darken dramatically and I knew something was coming.

Luckily, we got to work with the setting sun for a good ten minutes or so before the clouds started to move in, bringing some wind with them. The wind, thankfully, wasn't too bad so we were able to work with it and make some gorgeous images with Ericka's long hair whipping around as the air blew through it!


Next, we left the field and headed toward the homestead. Once we arrived, the sky was darkening literally by the minute so we had to work fast! As we moved around the location, we watched the lightning get closer and closer but where we were, things were still relatively calm so we kept on. At one point, it started raining but I kept checking in with them and they were awesomely relaxed and even a bit excited at the thought of rain and lightning in their photos. If  you know me, I'm all about getting those crazy shots so I was pretty stoked that we were staying!


We kept on for about fifteen more minutes and then literally at end time, a HUGE storm moved in and we left just in time to get stuck in it driving home! Sneak Peek Social-9698Sneak Peek Social-9698


Oh, and side note: I know that picking out clothing for a session can sometimes be the hardest part, but take a look at Bruce's outfit here. It's so simple, and many of you probably have this at home, yet still looks great and compliments Ericka's outfit beautifully!



In preparation for this session, I decided to try video and actually plan it out. I had done a few sneak videos during sessions before but they seriously did not turn out but I'm really wanting to at least try it!

Ericka and Bruce were such a fun couple to really try this with and I am looking forward to continuing to educate myself and work on what I can offer to my amazing clients!! This is a peek at my first ever video! 




Thank you so much, Ericka and Bruce, for the super fun, memorable session!! I had a great time with you two!


Sneak Peek Social-9395Sneak Peek Social-9395 Sneak Peek Social-9417Sneak Peek Social-9417 Sneak Peek Social-9465Sneak Peek Social-9465 Sneak Peek Social-9534Sneak Peek Social-9534 Sneak Peek Social-9596Sneak Peek Social-9596 Sneak Peek Social-9432Sneak Peek Social-9432 Sneak Peek Social-9493Sneak Peek Social-9493 Sneak Peek Social-9471Sneak Peek Social-9471 Sneak Peek Social-9688Sneak Peek Social-9688 Sneak Peek Social-9669Sneak Peek Social-9669 Sneak Peek Social-9718Sneak Peek Social-9718 Sneak Peek Social-9797Sneak Peek Social-9797 Sneak Peek Social-9801Sneak Peek Social-9801 Sneak Peek Social-9763Sneak Peek Social-9763 Sneak Peek Social-9864Sneak Peek Social-9864


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